Morphies Law: Size DOES Matter

Morphies Law: Size DOES Matter

Full credit to Reddit for brightening my Monday with the madness of Morphies Law, which is another one of those games that just makes you sit back and say; “Why did nobody else think of that before now?”

Morphies Law is a “body morphology driven 3D Shooter”, and works on a pretty simple, and stupidly brilliant, premise: Gunfire transfers mass from the target to the shooter. Headshot? Now your head is gigantic. Clip someone’s feet? Good luck finding new size 27 shoes.



Winning a match is based on which team has the greatest body mass total, which is represented by an enormous Robot Day of the Dead (is this a thing? I’m okay with this being a thing) Avatar that towers over the game map. The really interesting mechanic is that friendly fire doesn’t affect this total, meaning you can purposefully let you teammate unload into your back so you’ll be small enough to fit through a little hole to get to where you need.




Morphies Law posted it’s first dev blog in February of this year, the above trailer came out in early March, and things are still very much in an Alpha state. However, the dev blog does state that they’ll be looking for Alpha Testers, so keep you eyes peeled.


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