Mini Review: SUPERHOT

Mini Review: SUPERHOT

There’s no denying that SUPERHOT is cool. It oozes cool….slowly (hahaha, time manipulation joke). But, does that make it a good game? I’d say yes, but there is a big old asterix next to it.

SUPERHOT is a game built on the foundation of one very solid, very cool, mechanic; the idea that, in the game, time only moves when you do. When you run, pick up a gun, punch an enemy, time creeps forward, and then, when you stop, it nearly freezes. This allows you to carefully dodge bullets, perform magnificent gun-fu, and line up incredible action sequences.

If that mechanic is enough to intrigue you, even a litte, then SUPERHOT is certainly worth your time. If that doesn’t sound like the coolest thing ever, then you may want to wait for a Steam Sale.


CreatorSUPERHOT Team
Platform: PC

Game Version: Final / PC
Review CopyPersonal Purchase; Steam
Interface: Keyboard/Mouse


The thing that makes a less then 100% recommendation of SUPERHOT hard  for me to put forward is that SUPERHOT Team have pulled off the mechanic REALLY REALLY well. It’s clear what the rules are, and the results are consistent.  It works as much in your favor as the enemy’s and lets you pull of absolutely amazing things. I mean really amazing. SUPERHOT, if nothing else is a gosh darn goldmine for GIFS:







When you pull of stuff like that, you cannot help but have a stupid grin on your face.

The mechanics been around since the initial GameJam version of SUPERHOT, but now the team have a story line added to the game, in addition to a whole bunch of other things. The campaign is actually very well done, and has an engaging storyline that is just aware of itself enough to get you hooked. However, and this is the real kicker, it’s very short. It took me just under 2 Hours to complete the entire campaign, and while it was very fun, I did notice the brevity of the experience once it ended. And I wasn’t the only one. I started and finished the game all in one Skype call with one of my friends, and he made comment on this. After completing the story, you unlock enough challenge modes and different endless modes that you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of total hours of gameplay, but that short campaign does leave a bit of a bad taste.

Really, the question that has to be asked is this: Is it worth paying $25.00 USD for a single mechanic?

To be honest, ultimately the answer to that question will depend on where you are in your life and career, but the fact of the matter is that SUPERHOT is a one note game. That note is incredibly crisp, cool, and perfectly played, but too me, it feels like there isn’t quite enough mechanically in the game to justify that price point. I still think the game is one that everyone should pick up at some point, as it’s a phenomenally well executed experimental mechanic that I would be surprised to see in other games in the near future. It’s worth supporting the initial instance of this mechanic, and in such a stylistic and well executed format.

Oh, and it is really fun to slice a bullet out of the air with a katana… just sayin’.

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