Mini Review: Life Goes On – Done to Death

Mini Review: Life Goes On – Done to Death

Life Goes On originally was released on Steam in 2014, but today, Infinite Monkeys released a new, updated version of the game called Life Goes On: Done to Death.

This new version improves on the original in a huge number of ways, and adds a number of new game features that are well worth your attention, particularly if you’ve never played the original.


TitleLife Goes On: Done to Death
Creator: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment ltd.
Platform: PC

Game Version: Final / PC
Review CopyProvided by Developer
Interface: Gamepad Controller

The project began at the January 2012 Global Game Jam, where the team met for the first time. At the end of the weekend, a buggy, but playable prototype was received with excitement and encouragement by our fellow Jam attendees. We continued development, released a public demo, and showed the game at a local DemoCamp event, where we were met with further enthusiasm and requests for a full game. In January and May 2013, we released a second and third demo that has been well received by online communities, such as TigSource, Reddit’s /r/GameDev, and IndieDB. Funding it out of our own pocket, we finally released the full game, Life Goes On, on Steam in April 2014. For the next two years, we worked on improving, upgrading, and expanding the game, making a new version called Life Goes On: Done to Death.

The original release of Life Goes On was very solid, if a little one note. Life Goes On works on a fantastic principle where you HAVE to kill off the knights you are using to solve. Got a spiked wall you need to climb? Put a knight on it. Pressure plate that won’t stay down? Put a dead knight on it. Need to fill a gap to complete an electrical circuit? Put a knight on it! The black humor is a perfect accompaniment to the myriad puzzles you’ll be forced to solve.

Life Goes On: Done to Death adds a few more thing to do with your dead knights. First, the game has introduced portals, which you can use to fling corpse through the air or teleport a pile of bodies from point A to Point B. In addition, you’re also able to zombify the corpse, and direct them as they shamble about after your delicious brains. These are utilized in a number of innovative ways in the new zone introduce: The Ruins.




Life Goes On: Done to Death also improves on some of the basics in the original game. World maps are now much more detailed, giving bits of story and having actual art to them now. You’ll also now unlock hats and weapons as you do certain things that your knights will equip at random. This relatively minor addition adds some nice visual variety to the game, and it’s always hilarious to see a knight show up wearing a a beanie and wielding a spatula. In addition, environmental assets seems to have been given a nice overhaul and seem much more polished than the original, particularly in The Ruins.




Life Goes On: Done to Death is a superbly fun puzzle game, and its black humor is well delivered. the polish given to the game in this expansion is noticeable, and makes the game feel fresh and a bit fuller. The puzzles are still hard and you can bet by the end of things, you’ll have a pile of corpses on your hands….



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