Minesweeper Genius Available Now on Consoles

Minesweeper Genius Available Now on Consoles

As a huge fan of picross games, I can’t believe this game somehow slid under my radar. Minesweeper Genius, developed by Mgaia Studio and published by Blowfish Studios, has released February 12th on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $5.99.

Ever since I played Minesweeper when it was packaged with Windows, I loved it. Yeah it was bland, and sure it wasn’t the most replayable thing, but it’s a cool puzzle game with some solid customization. And hey, it was free! I’ve checked out loads of variations on the formula, but Minesweeper Genius seems like the best one yet. Not only is it much more of a puzzle game due to sliding around rows and/or columns, but the mines are displayed in a Picross-style, my new favorite type of puzzle!

Inspired by the classic computer game from our childhood – as well as sudoku and picross – Minesweeper Genius is a brain teaser that will challenge your mind and logical thinking.

Help Aristotle – the genius with a broom – sweep the minefield to regain his memory and escape from the aliens’ scientific experiments, discovering where all the bombs are hidden.

The trailer and images show the gameplay as well as the ability to customize levels, but there’s also a tease at the campaign mode (shown above). I’ve gotta admit, I rarely stick around too long with random levels in a game if there isn’t some great stuff to grind for, so I’m delighted that there’s a campaign mode included. Hopefully the stars do more than just unlock levels and puff up a player’s ego!

With the game combining two things I love with some super cute artwork and the intriguing twist of actually moving through the level, dodging bombs, and sliding rows and/or columns around, this is a game I’ll be adding to my collection ASAP. And hey, who wouldn’t want to help Aristotle literally sweep his way through a minefield to evade aliens?

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