Meet Aftercharge’s Liquidator

Meet Aftercharge’s Liquidator

Aftercharge was one of our favorite finds at PAX East this year. Chainsawesome Games hinted at a third character class they already had in the works while we were there, and have finally released some new information about The Liquidator, an offense class for the Guards:

The Liquidator knows that the best defense is a good offense. He defends the extractors by chasing down the Workonics Robots. He’s equipped with dual Quanta pistols and has the ability to shoot a tracker. If the tracker attaches to a robot, the following six shots will automatically lands on the target wherever it’s hiding on the map. When you are tracked by the Liquidator, you’re scrap metal. He can also drop proximity mines to cover his back, which is neat.


The Liquidator will be joining the Striker Class, which we’ve already scene, on the Guard Team. For the Workonics Robots, we have so far only seen a single class, dubbed Bubbles, but more are on the way. If you want to learn a bit more about their abilities, check out our coverage from PAX East 2017.




Aftercharge will be launching a Closed Alpha in August, and they plan to have 4 classes available to play at that time.

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