Meet Aftercharge’s Glitch

Meet Aftercharge’s Glitch

We now know the identity of one more Workonics Robot in Chainsawesome GamesAftercharge. Glitch adds a little bit of aggresiveness and disruption to the robot team, and we’ve actually already seen his ability hinted at in the Aftercharge Teaser.


This workonic model was one of the very first to be built by Aftercharge corporation. It’s a little bit sketchy and has some wires that are dangerously exposed. Just like all of the workonics, they are invisible and can boost each other back to life. When it’s ready to overcharge, the Glitch unit emits a powerful blast of energy pushing back all enemies around it while also burning a huge portion of their weapon’s charge.

Want to learn about the latest Guard class, the Liquidator? Look no further!

Aftercharge will be launching a Closed Alpha in August, and they plan to have 4 classes available to play at that time.


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