Mama Hawk Available Today

Mama Hawk Available Today

Mama Hawk is launching today, Thursday, February 22nd on iOS and Android.

Mama Hawk is a free to play game (with an option to opt out of ads for $1.) which casts you as a fierce mother bird keeping her hungry chicks alive by feeding them animals. But it’s not as easy as it sounds – the forest is teeming with predators hoping to spoil dinner.


Mama Hawk started as a modest arcade game, but has grown into a 70-level action game with twenty unique behavior animals, eight different worlds, and a collection of custom skins.
We had the opportunity to talk with Kati Nawrocki and Andrew Garrahan of Computer Lunch late last year, and they talked at length about Mama Hawk‘s evolution, how they settled on its bright and colorful art style, and what life is like for them as married indie game developers. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at Mama Hawk, look no further!


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