Make Sail Launches Crowdfunding on

Make Sail Launches Crowdfunding on

Today, Make Sail is launching it’s funding campaign on

Make Sail came out of nowhere and has me incredibly excited to cast off. Upon seeing the trailers, I was blown away by just how real the entire experience seems. With every resource and element being molded in accordance to real world physics, there’s a certain sincerity that is created, and it invites exploration and experimentation in this sandbox of a world that you are being let loose into.



We’ve spent two years writing custom air and water simulations. We simulate buoyancy, drag, drafting, lift. Rudders. Keels. Everything modeled with real world densities for proper floating. You can tack, you can jibe, you can find some jets and do a sweet jump. The world we’re building around all this is there to give you reasons to construct wildly different ships. You begin with a starter kit of pieces. Good enough to get you to the next island where you’ll find more pieces. Every new island you reach will reward you with a mast, or a lighter floor board, or a brighter lamp. You’ll need it all to make the different ships it takes to travel the map. A fragile catamaran that can outpace a creature. A bulky tank that can take a beating. A barge to haul ten tonnes. A towering double mast-er. An agile dinghy.

Make Sail is the watery playground we’ve been dreaming of and we need you to help us fill it with your boats.


It’s definitely an ambitious project to make this massive world to explore, on top of creating an accurate buoyancy, air and water elements in this physics engine. But, Popcannibal’s Ziba Scott and Luigi Guatieri are making the right choice to make the tools, and then turn them over to the player and set them loose with a LEGO box full of hulls, decks and rigging, and only the most general of goals: Explore.

By not forcing constraints on the player, and instead dropping them into a world already in motion, they create mystery and wonder that, at least for me, is hard not to get drawn in to.



Make Sail is looking to raise $50,000 by November 3rd. You can find more screenshots and information about Make Sail on their funding page here.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with new information about Make Sail as it becomes available.


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