Little Bug Launches Sept. 25

Little Bug Launches Sept. 25

Indie Studio Buddy System will be releasing twin-stick platformer Little Bug on September 25, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Little Bug might sound familiar to you if your a regular on IndieHangover: We covered the game’s successful FIG campaign two years ago. It’s awesome to see how far the game has come and how it has evolved during this time!


Little Bug follows the story of Nyah, a young city girl, lost in a mysterious world inhabited by restless spirits. Controlling both Nyah and her spirit companion, use their telekinetic connection to swing across moonlit mountains, canyons and deserts, while discovering items that reveal fragments of Nyah’s life.

Little Bug will be available on Steam,, Game Jolt, and the Humble Store for $9.99.

Want to see what Little Bug Looked like two years ago during development? Check out our playthrough of the game’s original early demo!

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