Little Bug Crowdfunding on FIG.CO

Little Bug Crowdfunding on FIG.CO

2017’s first Crowdfunding campaign is well underway, and is for a game with an immense amount of potential.

Little Bug by Buddy System Games is a charming game (with more than a few sinister undertones) about a little girl and her firefly…and a very unsettling shadow beast…



Nyah is lost and the sun is quickly setting. A massive presence materializes in the darkness, its eyes barely visible through trembling branches. Nyah runs, terrified of what might have happened to her mom, but then she falls… she’s woken by a light zipping through the air, and it beckons her, feeling strangely familiar, warming her mind – but the world around her has changed. Lost spirits roam the horizon while remains of the dead dance in dark canyons. Nyah finds the warmth of the light isn’t just in her head – when she focuses on it, a wildly powerful beam connects them, but she has a whole lot to learn if she’s ever going to find her mom in this strange land.

The mechanics of the game is incredibly solid, where you control both Nyah and the Firefly (or if playing in local co-op, one player controls each character) and use the connection between them to fling Nyah to platforms and to safety. While moving both characters at once takes a little getting use to, it’s fun and once you get experienced you can fling Nyah through the air, catch her, and almost juggle her to safety which feels incredibly satisfying.

Buddy System have also made the brilliant decision to make a demo available as part of the crowdfunding campaign for Little Bug. We’ve played through the demo and recorded our thoughts: (You can also find the demo for yourself here.)



At time of publication, 228 Backers have raised $25,260 of Little Bug’s $35,000 goal with 20 days remaining in their campaign period.  You can find more information here.

Little Bug is scheduled to release on PC and Mac in Spring 2018.


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