Light Fingers Gets Its Free Crook’d Captain DLC

Light Fingers Gets Its Free Crook’d Captain DLC

Around a month ago, I reviewed a tabletop-style video game called Light Fingers. It’s a charming, competitive game with absolutely terrific art, and now there’s a free DLC update available to make things even more chaotic!

The Crook’d Captain DLC brings with it new cards, new NPCs, and a slew of community requested features including the ability to save your game!

All of the details can be found here, but here are some highlights:

Two new NPCs and an old one gets replaced – The fortune teller tile is getting more interesting, and I’m excited to see what exactly has changed now that there are “new services”. The Slug Banker and Crook’d Captain both sound fantastic as well, and are newcomers with their own new locations.

The new cards sound terrific – There was already a fair amount of strategy in the game, but these new cards really add some depth. Now you’ll be able to redirect guards that are after you toward another player (which can be HUGE if played at the right time), make guards block the thieves camp and force it to move, or calm down Kaw (the guild leader) so that the thieves camp doesn’t move for a bit longer.

Saving – I love playing longer games when it comes to competitive tabletop games since it means the RNG plays a smaller role and different strategies have more time to play out. But when a game gets to be an hour or more with only two players, I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a group of 4 friends to sit down and play out the longest matches without needing a break. Three save files also means that if one friend gets called away, or if two people are playing and another competitor or two comes along, the current game can be saved and a new one can be started.

“NPC Service Cards” open a lot of doors – Numizmatic added “NPC Service Cards”, and they say that this new feature will make it easier to add more in the future. This really makes the game feel more uniform – basically, everything is either a card or tile now, and this allows players to more easily choose from additional options. Being able to buy loot under the right circumstances is a game changer too, especially in longer games with higher goals.

A slew of other changes – There are loads of other changes as well, including my favorite – the game will now prompt players when they’re attempting to walk into a group of guards while holding loot. My gal and I have both done that accidentally in the past, and it sucked that bad eyesight meant potentially losing the game. Other changes include improvements to dungeons, a recap of tricks and tips at the start of a dungeon when players need them, and markers that show shops you’re banned from on the map.

This list of changes is terrific, and I’m excited to try it out for myself! While none of it addresses my biggest flaw about the game – the inability to add AI opponents – I know that change would take far more effort, and the changes sound like they’ll really shake things up!

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