Land of the Seazogs Now Available

Land of the Seazogs Now Available

I love finding indie games so entirely different from the norm sitting in my inbox.

We get a lot of press releases coming in to the IndieHangover inbox, and sometimes things can blend together a bit. Not so with the press release I received announcing The Land of the Seazogs, a retro style point & click adventure that immediately captured my attention:


The Land of the Seazogs is a story with stubborn robots, clones, virtual creatures, iconoclastic artists… full of alternative readings and surprises, with a mysterious and tense atmosphere, and some humour. The main character is Professor Meme, a renowned 164-year-old genetic scientist that receives a mysterious call for help from an old friend, the head of the animal research base on an inhospitable planet inhabited by ancient aquatic creatures. Something very worrying is happening there and Meme must intervene to solve a problem of unimaginable scope…

The Land of the Seazogs has been developed by Manel García, a Spanish video game developer operating as Oops! Studio. It’s the studios first PC/MAC Title, produced with some excellent, if a bit bizarre, pixelated 8-bit art and using original music composed by Mark Sparling.

The Land of the Seazogs is available now on and on Steam.

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