Krillbite starts talking Mosaic

Krillbite starts talking Mosaic

The first whispers about Krillbite Studios new game, Mosaic have been floating about the internets. First discussed in hushed tones at GDC, Mosaic  looks like it might be something akin to a Kafka-esq take on Office culture.

“It’s about being a small piece in this big machinery that you don’t feel anything for,…You start to feel like you don’t fit in…Then, one day, these strange things start happening.”

-Bjørnar Frøyse , Krillbite Stuidos, GDC 2016 (via Polygon)



From a gameplay perspective, all we really know is that Mosaic is a point-and-click game, and has a release dated slated for sometime in 2017 (source); other than that….pure mystery….

Color me intrigued!

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