Kickstarter Watch: Vidar

Kickstarter Watch: Vidar

We’ve covered Vidar quite a bit since I met Dean Razavi at the Boston FIG back in September of last year. Part of the reason is because the game seemed to me to have an ambitious goal, that was actually within its reach. After playing a demo of the game, I had a lot of hope that the vision that Razavi had could be successfully translated into a wonderul RPG puzzle game.

Vidar’s Kickstarter launched last night, and brought without all sorts of information about this doomed town:

Vidar is an RPG Puzzler focused on random storytelling and random puzzles. You play as the Stranger, a character who was lost in a snowstorm and made it into town at a time when no one can leave. Now trapped, the Stranger fights alongside the remaining townsfolk to stop the Beast before it kills every last person. Each night, another citizen is killed – you’ll have only 24 days before Vidar is gone.

Because the order of deaths in Vidar is random each playthrough, every game is a new story. In one playthrough, the priest may die the first night; in the next, he’ll invite the remaining townsfolk to barricade themselves in the Church as a last effort to survive; in the next, he’ll grieve the loss of a close friend and give up the cloth for good.


There is also a demo available for download here, a good move for any Kickstarter. Being able to actually show off your product, even in an unfinished state, gives backers a better picture of your ideas they can actually play around with, and more faith in your ability to actually complete the project!

Dean Razavi also gave an interview with the Boston FIG which was published this past weekend.  In it, he gives some nice insight into the game’s development and his goals as a developer:

The funding that Vidar brings in from the Kickstarter will be mainly going toward art assets. The retro pixelated art style is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what variety we get from all the different situations we may be put in!

The art you see in the demo, the gameplay sections of the video, and throughout the Kickstarter page is all done by the very talented Becca Bair. She’s done enough for the demo, and even worked on portions of Vidar not available for play just yet, but there’s a lot more to go! The vast majority of the budget is assigned to bring this desaturated, pixelized town to life – if only for 24 in-game days.

As mentioned, the Kickstarter for Vidar has only just launched, and still has 45 days to meet its goal of $18,000. At the time of writing, it has already raised $885. If you would like to donate to the crowdfunding campaign for Vidar, head to the Kickstarter page.

*Disclaimer: The Author has not backed the game discussed in this article on Kickstarter as of 1/12/2015. All opinions are the authors own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*

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