Kickstarter Watch: Twin Flames

Kickstarter Watch: Twin Flames

Launched on Kickstarter today, Twin Flames immediately caught my eye with it’s stunning visuals and it’s promise to be a Majora’s Mask-esq “battle against time itself”. Pitting two gods against each other, the game is a race to the top of a rogue-like tower, battling enemies, puzzles and the rising/setting sun itself, Twin Flames has a ton of potential.



In a faraway desert, an eternal battle goes on between two siblings: the Sun God and the Moon Goddess. They fight at the top of a great tower and the victor gets to conquer time for half a day, thus creating the day-night cycle of the world and giving balance to time itself. What would happen if this cycle es broken? The fate of time itself is in your hands, this is a tragic tale made to be lived in video game form.

Twin Flames is being made and Kickstarted by Fat Panda Studio, a team of 9 based in Yucatan, Mexico. They’ve got a proven track record with their first game Ghost Apocalypse. Their second and third projects, Flat Kingdom and Lobo with Shotguns, are also expected later in 2016. All of their game’s have an incredible visual aesthetic, and Twin Flames looks to follow this tradition.




One other thing that really impressed me is the incorporation of the idea of a rogue-like into Twin Flames, not just mechanically, but from a narrative perspective. You play as either Joachim, the male sun god, or Bone, the female moon goddess. This brother and sister are in constant turmoil and conflict, racing to the top of the tower to keep the cycle of day and night going. Being a rogue-like, Twin Flames has the potential to be played infinitely, just as the sun and moon will always rise and set, even if each day is different from the last. It’s a brilliant thematic connection.




Fat Panda Games is looking to raise $9,663 to fund Twin Flames’ development by December 20th, 2016.

If you’re interested in learning more abut the game, or contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, head to Twin Flames’ Kickstarter page here.


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