Kickstarter Watch: The Sun Also Rises

Kickstarter Watch: The Sun Also Rises

At this point, if you are reading this, I am going to assume that you at least know about the “Video-Games as Art” debate. I tend to think  that video games are one of the most potential-rich mediums of art that exist today. Sure, it is potential that is not always utilized, but sometimes (and I find particularity in Indie titles), games truly touch on important topics.

The Sun Also Rises has every chance of being that game. More than that it has every indication that, should it be realized, it will be a game that challenges convention and the mind:

A Multiplayer Narrative Adventure that explores the Global War on Terror through stories based on U.S. Soldiers, their families and people from Afghanistan. The Sun Also Rises focuses on empathizing with human struggle and portrays a side of war that is often overlooked.

Passive multiplayer: the decisions you make in game are saved in the cloud and affect the gameplay for future players.

3rd Person exploration through the worldwide settings of the War on Terror. Vibrantly colored environmental moodscapes juxtapose the subject matter with their beautiful scenery.

Natural conversation system: a dialogue engine that allows for miscommunication. Players can be interrupted or choose not to speak, explore the nuances of language barriers and immerse themselves in the story.

We want to weave a broad tapestry of the diverse issue of war. These include PTSD and lack of treatment, reintegration of soldiers into everyday life, the interactions between soldiers and civilians, sexual assault in the military, the indoctrination of children into the Taliban, the difficulties of being part of the U.S. Military’s chain of command, and many more. As we continue to research and hear peoples’ stories, the stories we tell in TSAR will grow and expand.

The main vignettes we plan to focus on right now follow three characters experiencing the war in very different ways.

One of things that excites me about The Sun Also Rises is the concept of passive multiplayer. I am a fan of passive effects in video games: the lack of control in a medium based in control is an interesting contrast.Of course, this needs to be pulled off well, but it is nevertheless an interesting and unique means of effecting a players experience and connecting those playing the game.

With 25 days to go, the Kickstarter for The Sun Also Rises has already raised $4,724 of it’s very moderate $15,000 goal.  If you’d like to learn more or contribute, please visit the kickstarter page.

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