Kickstarter Watch: The Path to Die

Kickstarter Watch: The Path to Die

When I first heard about The Path To Die, I was immediately interested: a brutal top down action game set in Feudal Japan, with a innovative way of handling combat. Then, I saw the game’s art and I knew I was right to be intrigued.

Cat Logic Games recently launched its crowdfunding campaign for The Path to Die on Kickstarter and there’s a lot of reasons to be excited.



Travel to Feudal Japan as one of the most lethal Samurai warriors. Immerse yourself in a story of action and intrigue, exploring the vast lands surrounding the Imperial Palace in a detailed 2D pixel art adventure.

The videogame is strongly influenced by titles like The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Demon’s Souls or Hotline Miami, which served as inspiration for the team to create The Path To Die.

You were probably grabbed by The Path to Die’s gorgeous pixel art from the moment you laid eyes on it. Full of color and detail, its absolutely breathtaking what Cat Logic Games have been able to do with pixel art. The landscapes seem full of life, and the environments feel plucked out of history. Characters have a fantastic sense of scale, and the attack animation feel realistic and weighty, imparting the importance of every swing of your sword.

This even goes beyond the landscapes, character models, and environments, and extends to the games artistic direction. Even the health and stamina “bars” are beautiful!There’s a consistency throughout the design of The Path to Die that immediately pulls you in, and does a great job of immersing you in this vision of the world of feudal Japan.



It’s not all about the art though. The mechanics of combat at play in The Path to Die are incredibly interesting. The game is specifically designed for a gamepad (though, I imagine you’ll be able to play with a keyboard and mouse in the same way you can play Dark Souls with one), because your attacks are not tied to specific button presses, or combinations of button presses, but instead are performed by moving the right hand stick in specific motions.

This immediately struck me as a fantastic means of creating immersion, as you’ll be mimicking the sword movement you see on the screen in some fashion with your own movements, all be it in a much smaller range of motion and with much less danger.

I’m incredibly excited to experience this in real time, and think it could be a fantastic new way of handling sword combat in games.




There’s also an emphasis on exploration that feels very old school Resident Evil to me. Throughout the game, you’ll be picking up consumables of three different colors: Purple, Blue and Red. Purple consumables restore your health, blue consumables regenerate stamina, and red consumables hold objects such as sharpening stones, increasing your damage. While these will have more variety in their forms than simply a different colored herb, it’s all very nostalgic. Keys also appear to be your main progress gates, and instead of typewriters saving your game, it’s ancient calligraphy folios.




Currently, The Path to Die has raised $837 of its $30,000 goal, with a deadline of June 17. If you’d like to back this project, or are interested in learning more about the game, head on over to the Kickstarter page

*Disclaimer: The author has not backed the game discussed in this article on Kickstarter as of 5/17/17.  All opinions are the authors own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*

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