Kickstarter Watch: The Flame in the Flood

Kickstarter Watch: The Flame in the Flood

If i were asked to describe The Flame and the Flood, a game currently in Kickstarter being created by The Molasses Flood, I’d probably end up describing it as something like Wind Waker meeting Fallout New Vegas at a bar in New Orleans. The games colorful, artistic graphics follow alongside at atmosphere and narrative that seems to promise desolation, survival, and hardship. The combination is only strengthened and improved but what promises to be an excellent soundtrack:

Travel down a long, winding and completely unique procedurally-generated river, through environments inspired by the Everglades, Mississippi Delta, Louisiana Bayou, and other quintessentially American places. Your journey has an end. Will you survive long enough to reach it?

With survival tactics and wilderness dangers based on real-life references, staying alive until the end will mean staying warm, staying dry, staying healthy, and avoiding the ravenous wildlife that wants to eat you.

The survival elements of The Flame in the Flood and the procedurally generated nature of the game work well together. I think the terms “procedurally generated” are getting thrown around a lot lately, and to be honest, I think one of the only time they are really important is in games with a survival aspect. By having that random element to every step of your path, you’re kept on your toes; which is an essential part of creating and atmosphere of danger and the need for survival.

One of the biggest draws to The Flame in the Flood is probably the music. The game has “an original full length soundtrack by acclaimed Alt-Country rocker Chuck Ragan featuring The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin and other special guests.” I can’t deny that, even as someone who wouldn’t consider themselves a country rock fan, it fits incredibly well with the setting. I do hope that some creepy bayou music gets in there too however!

The Flame in the Flood has already surpassed its funding goal of $150,000, having raised $208,271 with 10 days left in funding. If you’d like to fund the game now, head on over to the Kickstarter Page.


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