Kickstarter Watch: The Black Glove

Kickstarter Watch: The Black Glove

I’m a fan of bizarre shit. No lies; games that are straight up weird, don’t make sense, and are surreal really entertain me. I mean, you have to admit it: when a new, weird ass concept comes along, it’s exciting. You get to see a brand new concept in action that you don’t fully understand, that challenges you, and toys with your brain. There’s a reason that Zeno Clash remains one of my favorite series to this day.

So, when I heard about the story behind The Black Glove, I was pretty excited: a surreal puzzle game created by ex-Bioshock Dev’s, taking place in a 1920’s theater that doesn’t really seem like it wants to follow the normal rules of time and space? Count me in.

Welcome to The Equinox, an eerie 1920s theatre that appears unstuck from conventional reality. A venue pervaded by weird dream logic, inexplicable holes in space, unshielded x-ray art installations, and tasteful use of crushed velvet.

As the latest Curator, it falls to you to get The Equinox back on its feet. It’s your job to change the creators’ past to improve their work in the present — and assist in the creation of dozens of unique, immersive environments by artists who helped bring the BioShock franchise’s Rapture and Columbia to life.

How? The theatre hosts explain that there are “certain games of skill and chance that allow us to interact with… what you might call ‘fourth-dimensional space.'”

One of the things that is most intriguing things about the decisions you’re making in The Black Glove is how they are 1) apparently prompted by an old 80’s arcade game involving a Space Minotaur that eats creativity…or souls…or the dreams of children and 2) defined by a set number of elements you can influence in the past of an artist, namely their medium, their message, or their inspiration:


At the time of writing, The Black Glove has raised $102,273 of its rather lofty $550,000 goal. They still have 17 days left in their funding period, and if you would like to contribute please head to the Kickstarter page.

* Disclaimer: The author has backed this project on Kickstarter as of October 14th. *

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