Kickstarter Watch: The Banner Saga Warbands

Kickstarter Watch: The Banner Saga Warbands

It is no secret that I absolutely loved The Banner Saga, and that I am eagerly waiting for The Banner Saga 2. The world created by Stoic Studios is rich and beautiful, full of compelling characters and tough choices. So, earlier this week when I saw a Kickstarter for The Banner Saga: Warbands advertised, I was immediately interested. Then I was confused. Then I was intirgued. Then I was excited. Let me walk you through my emotional roller coaster:


As stated on the Kickstarter Page, “ The Banner Saga: Warbands is a fully cooperative game for 2-4 players. Players take up the role of the leaders in a warband tasked with keeping the warband together and alive.” The game is set in The Banner Saga Universe, many of the same characters are employed and the art is taken from the video game. So, essentially, The Banner Saga: Warbands IS The Banner Saga in Miniature Tabletop Form.

Now, if you’re like me, this might confuse you a bit. I mean, I loved The Banner Saga, but how many ways do I need to play it? Is this a cash grab? Why translate this game over to a physical form?

First Step; watch the Kickstarter video

The Banner Saga: Warbands IS The Banner Saga… before it was The Banner Saga. And this is glorious.

The Banner Saga began as, was tested and was developed as a Tabletop game before being translated into a computer game (you can feel the tabletop oozing out the turn-based combat). The Banner Saga: Warbands is simply this version of the game spruced up, given a fresh set of paint and a few different mechanics.  ***EXPAND ON DEVELOPER TOOL TO GAME***

Oh, and Some really nice looking Miniatures…


On top of all this, The Kickstarter Campaign is doing everything right: they’ve got fanatastic stech goals, great add-on rewards and even a full video gameplay walkthrough!



This all leads to the fact that, with 15 days left in their funding period, The Banner Saga: Warbands has raised $126,885, well beyond their original goal of $50,000. If you’d like to get you hands on the game and support its production, head over to the Kickstarter here.


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