Kickstarter Watch: System Shock

Kickstarter Watch: System Shock

Today, Nightdive Studio launched the Kickstarter Campaign to remake a classic; System Shock. The hilarious Kickstarter Video demands a watch:


System Shock is a complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994, rebuilt from the ground up with the Unity Engine.

System Shock was one of the first 3D games that took a methodical approach to exploration while revealing a story driven narrative through audio logs and messages scattered throughout the game world. It was a revolutionary step forward for the medium in a time when developers first began experimenting with interactive story telling.

We want to demonstrate our commitment and passion for System Shock by providing a fun and exciting experience to potential backers.

To this end, Nightdive Studio made a short demo of the Pre-Alpha state of the game available. While brief, it does do a great job in showing off the updated graphics and assets. Jacob played it through, so if you’d like to experience with some color commentary, look no further!



This project doesn’t feel like a quick reboot to cash in, but a fan driven re imagining of a fondly remembered experience. Indeed, the Kickstarter states that this is “not Citadel Station as it was, but as you remember it.”

Things have been changed, but the team is doing so to try to recreate the experience of System Shock for a new era.

This is not a small Kickstarter though. Nightdive Studios is looking raise $900,000 by the end of their 30 day funding period, and I wonder if this number is a bit high for the current Kickstarter market. Of course, System Shock is a fan favorite, and the campaign has already raised $144,513 in a matter of hours, so perhaps they have nothing to worry about.

If you’d like to learn more about the System Shock reboot, or back the project, head to the Kickstarter Page.



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