Kickstarter Watch: Popup Dungeon

Kickstarter Watch: Popup Dungeon

Games, like fine liqours, cannot always be judged on the first sip. You must wait, let the idea of a game breath, and then revisit it. When i first saw the trailers and images of Popup Dungeon, the roguelike RPG being created by Ring Runner and currently in Kickstarter, I thought that it screamed gimmick. The Paper Craft asthetics, while certainly something new, just didn’t grab me.

Then, a friend sent my the link and the ubiquitous “Hey, Check this out! Throw your money at these people!” So, I looked at the Kickstarter page again, and what I found was a game with an incredible amount of promise, which I had apparently missed at first glance. The sheer amount of potential for fan made content is staggering.

Popup Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler for PC, Mac, and Linux that lets players create any weapon, any ability, and any character they can imagine. It’s a papercraft version of an enchanted board game with tactical, turn-based RPG gameplay in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Popup Dungeon is as vast as your imagination. You can jump right in with pre-made characters, weapons, and abilities, or create it all from scratch.
Key Features

  • Roguelike: permanent death, quick gains, procedural dungeons, and a mixture of handcrafted and procedurally generated loot
  • Tactical Turn-Based RPG: fast-paced, strategic game play
  • Infinitely Extensible: Users can easily create: weapons, abilities, characters, and enemies.
  • Papercraft: We hand-fold every pixel to ensure every dungeon is fresh and lively for you!
  • Multiplayer: Hot Seat or Online Coop (Versus mode is a Stretch Goal)
  • Flexible Party Size: Dungeon Crawl alone or with a party
  • Variable Challenges: Choose the dungeon crawl that’s right for your schedule, fromsingle-seaters to infinite descents.
  • Persistent Gains: Charms awarded by The Wizard after a run are permanent and give every character under your control a bonus. They are quite magical. Collect and combine them to achieve curious effects.
  • Experienced Team: Made by Triple.B.Titles, an independent studio that has previously taken a game from Kickstarter to Steam.


The truly incredible thing about Popup Dungeon is how completely random you can make things. Take any image, upload it, design the effects and range, and bam: you’ve got a weapon or an ability.

They can also create original weapons that will be added to the list of possibilities they may encounter throughout their journey. Here’s how:

  • Import an image (use transparency or a color key background)
  • A weapon’s potency is automatically assigned by level
  • Choose a range modifier
  • Choose from a list of available damage typesyour weapon will add extra potency to abilities using this damage type
  • Select a bonus (extra potency, additional damage types, extra range modifiers, and effects such as chance to stun, critical, or even add custom flags to targets like “Fishy”). These flags can enhance or modify the effects of skills.

It’s an incredible amount of freedom to give players, and I have no doubt there will be some amazing, and some ban-worthy, creations. What is more, you have both weapons and abilities to work with, which from the sounds of it can work together:

Here’s how you can create your own ability in just minutes (these steps can be performed in almost any order):

  • Customize look and name
  • Choose from hundreds of effects
  • Add Experience Points
  • Determine Activation Cost
  • Set Range and Area of Effect
  • Optionally: Add Negative and Conditions to enhance the ability’s potency of positive effects

At time of writing, Popup Dungeon has raised $63,899 of its $80,000 goal, with 12 days to go. If you’d like to fund the project, head on over to the Kickstarter page!


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