Kickstarter Watch: LUCAH

Kickstarter Watch: LUCAH

I remember the night I first learned about L U C A H. I was up later than normal, having finally finished working on a review, and was scrolling through my Twitter feed. My attention was grasped by a discordant and raw looking GIF posted by developer Colin Horgan, unlike anything I’d ever seen in the Indie Game scene. The tweet was advertising the alpha demo of the game being available, and I quickly downloaded it, started playing, then immediately stopped, and then played it again while recording my impressions so I could share it with our community.

L U C A H is currently on Kickstarter looking for crowdfunding support. A nightmarish game with a unique graphical style, beyond solid gameplay and a surprising amount of customization, it’s well worth checking out



L U C A H is a style-action role-playing game about finding oneself in a nightmarish world.

Lucah is one of the Marked, children with innate magical powers that are hunted and feared for the destructive potential they hold. After a terrifying dream, they wake into a distorted and hellish ritual space. Dark, oppressive, and dangerous, the world manifests Nightmares to keep Lucah confined in their endless torment. Trapped and afraid, Lucah must survive the onslaught in order to seek Purification and escape the Corruption that threatens to consume them.

This first thing that grabbed hold of my attention in L U C A H’s aesthetics. the game is constructed in a riotous, loud and jarring mix of sharp angles, harsh colors and distressed features. All of these elements are combined perfectly is the pseudo-spiritual and definitely dark world your thrown into top immediately make you feel out of place, alone and uneasy.

Quite honestly, I think that the design of L U C A H does a better job of creating an atmosphere of dread and terror than 90% of the horror games out there, be they indie or AAA. Additionally, by adopting such a unique aesthetic style, L U C A H is immediately recognizable and very distinct.



The gameplay of L U C A H  is just as worthy of praise as it’s unique visual style. The combat is based around light and heavy attacks, as well as stamina management, dodging and parrying, making it feel very Dark Souls-y. Additionally, you’re able to use REWINDs to turn back time and instantly start an encounter over from the beginning. Managing your use of your finite number of REWINDs becomes a very important skill to develop very quickly.

You’re able to augment you combat abilities with mantra’s and familiars, which provide you with different abilities and long range support respectively. In combat, you’re able to paradigm shift between two different loadouts of mantras and familiars, meaning you can set up some incredibly powerful combinations of attacks, or abilities, be it offensive and defensive builds, or quick attacks mixed with heavy.

The key point here is to highlight L U C A H’s  customization. You have numerous ways to equip and evolve your character and can play the game in a number of different ways. Just be prepared to fight, and fight hard: there’s no getting around that…

We played the alpha demo of L U C A H. If you want to see L U C A H’s system of paradigm shifts and REWINDs in action, check it out here:



If you’d like to give the demo of L U C A H a try yourself, you can download the demo here.

At the time of writing, L U C A H has raised $965 of its $20,000 goal. The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise its goal by July 9th. 

If you interested in learning about the rewards available, or supporting the crowdfunding effort, head on over to the Kickstarter Page here.


*Disclaimer: The Author has not backed the game discussed in this article on Kickstarter as of 6/9/17. This article is largely based on impressions from a Alpha Copy of the game, and is subject to change. All opinions are the authors own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*

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