Kickstarter Watch: Kova

Kickstarter Watch: Kova

Metroidvania’s are an easy sell for me. Even more so, gritty science fiction Metrodivania games (looking at you Axiom Verge).

Kova could be just the game to scratch that itch for a new sci-fi Metroidvania role playing game, offering up a unique blend of old and new mechanics, gorgeous hand painted art, and the ambition to tackle the Fermi Paradox



Kova is a metroidvania RPG set in a distant, technologically-advanced future when human-kind has colonized planets across galaxies.

​You’re Kova Rimor, a space mercenary on her way to the next payday. You happen across a foreign beacon when your ship is interdicted by another ship and crash lands on an uninhabited, icy planet. What is the mystery behind this beacon? Where does it come from? As you unravel its story and contents, you might find an answer to the most perplexing question of all: “Why have humans been alone in the Universe?”

Kova has all the makings of a superb Metroidvania game.  The combination of wide sprawling environment, early teases of later access, and the gradual building of your character all make for a superb experience.

The addition of a crafting and gathering element to Kova is something I haven’t seen before in a Metoridvania game, and I think it has a ton of potential. Having to travel to different planets/areas to collect the correct resources not only to keep your batteries charged, but also to create/buy new upgrades adds another element of exploration and discovery to the game I am eager to see in game.



Kova looks absolutely gorgeous, and though we’ve only seen a brief glimpse of the universe in the media released thus far, I’m eager to see more of the hand-panted planetscapes populating Kova’s corner of the galaxy. There’s a sense of mystery and danger in the environments you’re exploring, giving off the distinct vibe that this is a cold and unrelenting world that could care if you live or die, which fits perfectly with the tale of a hard-as-nail bounty hunter.

I also have to say that I’m incredibly eager to learn more about this new intellectual property. I’m a sucker for new worlds and civilizations to explore and learn about, let alone be part of.

Kova also promises to tackle a rather interesting subject in the Fermi Paradox, the idea that there is a great probability of encountering alien life in a galaxy as large as ours, yet no actual evidence of this fact. The developers haven’t really let on how Kova will tackle this concept, but just the mention and hint of some alien involvement has me very intrigued.

We had the opportunity to try a pre-alpha demo build of Kova, which showcases a few of the game’s mechanics, and the game’s atmosphere. Give it a watch:



Kova has raised $5,801 of its $28,000 goal, with 17 days left in its funding period before the April 27th deadline. 

Additionally, Kova has already been Greenlit on Steam.

If you’d like to learn more about the game, or back it yourself, head over to the Kickstarter Page here.


*Disclaimer: The Author has not backed the game discussed in this article on Kickstarter as of 4/10/2017. All opinions are the author’s own, and the objectivity of the piece may be influenced by any of the authors own biases as stated in the article or in this disclaimer.*


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