Kickstarter Watch: Echoes of Eridu

Kickstarter Watch: Echoes of Eridu

It’s always great to see a game that not only has been inspired by a classic game, but has formed itself into a sort of celebration of all that that game represents from years ago. Batterystaple Game’s new offering, Echoes of Eridu, which has just started its Kickstarter, is very much a celebration of everything that made Mega Man, and that genre and era of gaming, such a place of nostalgia and happiness for so many gamers. Taking that, and mixing it with some of the gaming standards of today is probably part of the reason that they’ve already raised  a quarter of their funding goal.

ECHOES OF ERIDU is an action-platformer built to play like Mega Man X and replay like your favorite roguelikes.  The goal of this project is to produce a game that’s co-op friendly and highly replayable without sacrificing tight, satisfying action-platformer gameplay. It’s targeting Windows first with plans to port to Mac/Linux post-release. (Maybe even consoles!)

What’s Echoes got going for it?

  • Action-platformer gameplay in the style of Mega Man X
  • Roguelike! (random levels, powerups, permadeath)
  • Full multiplayer! (online and local)
  • Pregame loadout system (unlock items to customize your play!)

Replayability is one of our core goals with Echoes; keeping the experience fresh is important to us. You get to choose from two (FOUR if we hit our 30k stretch goal!) completely different characters with their own playstyles. You get to play through entirely different levels every time you play — the challenge set constantly shifts and you’ll have to adapt to whatever the game throws at you.

I had the chance to meet the Batterystaple team, and to play Echoes of Eirdu at PAXEast 2014. Chris King, Zach Urtes and Bianca Ciotti are a great team, with a great amount of energy and dedication to their goal. They clearly have a deep abiding love for Mega Man, but realize that, without some changes and updates, their game would not stand out. They’ve worked incredibly hard to get the feel of their game right, and it shows.

“One of the things that really gets me about [the indie experience] is that you have such and incredible level of freedom to do something however you want, but you still feel enourmous pressure to make that thing as perfect as possible. You’re free to do whatever, but it has to be perfect. So, you end up developing this idea, and as soon as you want to felsh that idea out, and make it a reality, you become ashamed of that idea, and you have to make it exactly the way it would be most perfect for someone to play.”

– Chris King, Founder, Developer. Batterystaple Games

The rogue-like and random elements of Echoes of Eirdu make for some excellent replayability. There’s a host of abilities, weapons, and gear to choose from when you start a level, with a nice sense of give and take: you’re not going to have every ability at your hands: you have to pick and choose, and you really don’t know what you’ll be up against.

Granted, this can lead to some issues: I managed to make a level very, very difficult for myself by eliminating my ability to double jump and sacrificing some speed for a little bit more health and the ability to dash more often. When I encountered a series of gaps I had to wall-jump up, I found it nearly impossible to pull off: things were just a little bit too far away. This isn’t an issue with the game however; not knowing what you’re going to face and have the ability to “un-balance” yourself is a mark of game that give the player freedom. Sometimes, that’s just enough freedom to screw yourself over.

There’s a real sense of genuine pride and excitement in this team. They’re new to the scene, with little formal experience, but they’re incredibly eager to show off something they’ve put their heart and soul into. That kind of emotion is infectious, and draws you into a project like this.


This is my first trade show: I’ve never done this before. I started 4 hours ago when this whole convention started. I can sum up how nice this experience is so far with one thing: At maybe about 10:00/10:05, right after the doors opened, and people flooded in, people flocked to the big major booths. But there was still a tiny trickle of people coming this way, and one dude was just walking by. As you can see we are kind of boxed in. This one dude walks by, gets almost past us, and then you can see something catches his eye. Maybe the graphics, maybe what’s going on on-screen, but he turns his head, his eye’s light up, and his face goes :o .

That’s the moment.

– Chris King, Founder, Developer and Zach Urtes, Art Director

At the time of writing, Echoes of Eridu has raised 5,389 of its 20,000 goal. with 26 days to go. If you’d like to support the game, see what stretch goals might be in reach, or find out more details about the team, head to their Kickstarter or the Batterystaple Website.

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