Kickstarter Watch: Defragmented

Kickstarter Watch: Defragmented

I often feel that Cyberpunk is a little bit under-represented. Gaming hasn’t quite taken to cyberpunk in the same way it has taken to Steam punk, but there’s hope in the future to see more of this genre, both from triple A studios, and from Indies.

Glass Knuckle Games, who have already proven their ability with the intriguing Noir Syndrome and the chaotically fun Thief Town, are now taking on the cyber punk genre with Defragmented. Their Kickstarter launched at the end of last week, and they already have a lot to show of this game in its pre-alpha state.


Defragmented’s unique style of gameplay combines fast-paced firefights with action-RPG elements found in games like Borderlands and Diablo, all set to a pulsing, neon playlist that combines our favorite electronic genres – synthwave, electro, chiptune, and more. We’re blending shooter & RPG game systems to create a deep and rewarding leveling system revolving around challenging gameplay (and a forgiving checkpoint system).

  • Cyberpunk aesthetic: Explore a neon, science fiction-fueled Earth inspired by some of the greatest cyberpunk media of the past 40 years.
  • RPG character progression: Level up, unlock new skills and abilities, grow stronger. Shoot, loot, and repeat as your character evolves.
  • Super fast-paced combat: Weapons have real power, and death is certain. Quickly respawn and persist until your enemies have been defeated.
  • Six playable characters: Each with two skill trees for vast customization options.
  • Procedural loot: Collect procedurally-generated futuristic guns and gadgets. Deck out your character and find the rarest gear available.
  • Destructible environments: The environment becomes your own tactical cover. Be careful, though – bullets will rip through lighter objects.
  • Retro-futuristic soundtrack: Pulse-pounding synthwave and heavy electronic beats compel you to fly through each hectic level. Featuring artists heard on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.



The game looks slick. Things may still change, since it is in early alpha, but the retro style suits the cyberpunk setting, and evokes nostalgia incredibly well (something Glass Knuckle Games is very good at).

Did I mention you can play the Pre-Alpha right now? 

It’s a brilliant move, letting potential backers get a hands on perspective of what they might see. The game plays very much like Hotline Miami, with a dash of every cyberpunk trope you’ve ever known: Pulsing techno music, hoodies, laser rifles, and chips. Gotta have chips. The graphics are stylized in a very different way to Hotline Miami far more in line with the cyberpunk aesthetic.


At time of writing, Defragmented has raised $1092 of its rather reasonable $15,000 goal. With 27 days left in their funding period, there is plenty of time to support the game if you are interested. Head over to the game’s Kickstarter Page if you are interested.

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