June Updates to Divergence: Online

June Updates to Divergence: Online

Last week, Ethan Casner  put out two videos showing off some pretty incredible updates to Divergence: Online.

We’ve followed Divergence for a while, and its incredible to see how the game has developed over the three years we’ve been following it. There’s a level of complexity getting woven into Divergence that gives me incredible Star Wars: Galaxies flashbacks, and makes both incredibly overjoyed and slightly intimidated.

The first video focuses of forestry in the world of Divergence. The most impressive thing about this is the scope of the game world, with over 30 different type of tree, each with their own stats and benefits. It adds an incredible level of depth to the world, and makes it feel very real. Controlling a grove of strong pine trees may actually be an important thing in Divergence.



The second, and arguably the more exciting, video shows off the Teir-2 Vindicator Armor and the process of crafting a Theta Blade, the Divergence Universes Lightsaber if you will. This is a complex process, requiring multiple components and having a host of different elements affecting the blade’s length and thickness, energy consumptions, and its damage.



Even just at this early stage, this process feels epic. Imposing? Sure. Difficult? Yeah, but I kind of feel like it should be. That was part of the joy of Star Wars: Galaxies for me: there were things you were going to be unable to attain, that only 1% of the population might ever obtain, but that you’d see the effect of in this digital world. For me, that’s an experience only an MMO can deliver on.

Divergence: Online is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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