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Danish Indie Game Developers 2nd Studio are launching their crowdfunding campaign for zombie action adventure Jazon and the Dead today. With a B-movie vibe and a fantastic graphic novel style aesthetic, Jazon and the Dead looks incredibly polished.



Jazon is an unlikely protagonist with a taste for whiskey and a penchant for killing zombies. Suffering from amnesia, he sets out on a journey through a seemingly-uninhabited wasteland and soon stumbles across Zoey, a survivor and companion of questionable trustworthiness. The duo will traverse abandoned towns, haunted deserts and meandering rivers on their search for answers. Jazon and the Dead is a labor of love helmed by creative director Nikki Starostka, technical director Dennis Jensen and programmer Kasper Mikkelsen of 2nd Studio, with a script by Michael Valeur (writer of Overdose and Blackout)

2nd Studio is looking to raise $65,000 in this period, with plans to launch Jazon and the Dead on PC and Mac at some point in 2017.

If you’re interested in more information, or supporting the project, head on over to the game’s page.


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