It’s Indie Week on GOG

It’s Indie Week on GOG

This week, is running a pretty incredible sale on a ton of fantastic indie titles. This is a great opportunity to pick up some indie games you may have wanted to try for a while, but were waiting on a price drop, or try out a game you missed entirely!

The Indie Week Sale ends on April 29, so you’ve got a little time to peruse.
Here’s some games/deals that stick out:

Frostpunk at 40% off
Moonlighter at 40% off
Gorogoa at 55% off
Flower at 10% off
Hard West at 90% off
Darkest Dungeon at 70%
Banner Saga trilogy at up to 60%
GRIS at 25% off
Enter the Gungeon at 50% off
Hollow Knight at 34% off
The Messenger at 30% off
Thimbleweed Park at 50% off
Owlboy at 40% off

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