INVERSUS Patch 1.5 is Coming

INVERSUS Patch 1.5 is Coming

A new patch is coming to INVERSUS later this year, and it’s a big one!

First and perhaps most importantly, INVERSUS is heading to XBox One with Update 1.5, meaning a whole new bunch of console jockeys can experience the (now) colorful mayhem of INVERSUS.

There’s a whole lot more coming with this patch though:



INVERSUS 1.5’s key additions are:

12 new maps in Versus mode

3 new levels in Arcade mode

A new upgrade in game: Split-Shot Ammo, which can split your shots into multiple bullets

AI controlled bots in Versus mode (probably the single most requested feature since INVERSUS Launched)

We’re incredibly impressed with Ryan Juckett’s dedication to providing post-launch content and support to INVERSUS. He’s made it a point to listen to the community, improve on an already solid game, and add more and more things to do with each update:

“Supporting INVERSUS with regular updates has been a great experience and I really wanted to do something special for the 1.5 edition. I think the new versus-mode bots are where the value really shines. They are great for training against and add yet another local game mode for solo players to enjoy while in queue for online matchmaking.”

– Ryan Juckett, Hypersect Games

Version 1.5 will be on the floor at PAX East 2017, and we’ll be eager to test our mettle against the new AI.

INVERSUS is Available now on Steam and PS4.

Want to learn more about INVERSUS and Ryan Juckett’s experience developing it? Check out our IndieDev Interview with Ryan here.

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