INVERSUS Launches August 16th

INVERSUS Launches August 16th

Announced today, the black and white (okay, with a dash of red), minimalist puzzle shooter INVERSUS will be launching on Steam and the PS4 on August 16th.

Two new gameplay trailers also released today showcase the multiplayer modes in INVERSUS; the competitive versus mode and the potentially cooperative arcade mode. For us, these modes are what made INVERSUS special, and cemented it as one of our favorite Indie Party Games shown at this years PAX East:





Hypersect Games,  Ryan Juckett’s studio behind INVERSUS, also mentioned the success they found at E3, the Brazilian BIG Festival, and at last weekends EVO tournament. Hypersect also announced that they’d be part of the PAX 10 at PAX West this September.

Stay tuned to as we’ll have more coverage of INVERSUS surrounding its fast approaching launch.




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