INVERSUS Gets Colorful in Update 1.2

INVERSUS Gets Colorful in Update 1.2

INVERSUS launches update 1.2 later today, and it’s a colorful one that brings with it tons of unlockables, a system of progression, leaderboards, and improved online support.

While I do love the base black and white aesthetic of INVERSUS, the new vibrant color pallets are fantastic, and having them as a goal to unlock over time as you play is a superb idea.


Here’s the complete list of features coming in Patch 1.2:

  • INVERSUS isn’t just black and white anymore. 45 unlockable color palettes are now in game! Choose the ones you like and the game will randomly shuffle between them every match.

  • Online gameplay gets more social with over 250 unlockable emotes! Equip up to four at a time and express your joy or disappointment between rounds.

  • Experience levels are tracked for arcade and versus mode. Level up by completing matches, winning games online and earning high scores. Your level is advertised in online lobbies and each level gained guarantees an unlocked emote or color after that match.

  • New leaderboards have been added for versus level, arcade level, and most versus games won in online matchmaking.

  • Improved online support is always at the top of the priority list, and players can now search across all game modes at the same time. This will vastly improve the frequency of finding matches in less common playlists.

This patch will land on Steam later today. No confirmed date as of when this will be available on the PS4.

INVERSUS was one of our top Indie Party Games at this year’s PAX East, and we had a chance to interview creator Ryan Juckett as part of our ongoing indiedev interview series. Give it a watch if you’d like to know more about his history as a developer, where INVERSUS came from, and particularly some of the challenges he faced in designing the game’s levels.

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