Interview: Zain Fahadh of Ogre Head Studios

Interview: Zain Fahadh of Ogre Head Studios

Asura really stood out to us at PAX East 2016, not just because of the interesting directions it’s taking procedurally generated content, but also because of the story of Ogre Head Studios and the developers who founded it.

Ogre Head Studio was founded by Zainuddeen Fahadh and Neeraj Kumar in 2014 and is based in Hyderabad, India. The studio, and their first game Asura, was created as a direct response to the climate of game development in India, and in particular the lack of original IP’s. Zain, Neeraj, and Ogre Head Studio’s goal is “to make games with amazing polish and unique game-play and bring a change in the Indian Game Industry”, and we found that down right inspiring.

I had the opportunity to interview Zain Fahadh ahead of the release of Asura on April 14th, and ask him about the game’s inception, it’s unique take of procedural advancement, and the Indian indie game development scene:



Our thanks to Zain for taking the time talk with us and share his insight and story.

Our Review of Asura will be out on April 14th ahead of the game’s release, so if you want to learn more about the game’s details, make sure to check back in with IndieHangover.

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