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Since I first saw Knee Deep, I’ve been fascinated with the game. What may appear as a Telltale-esq narrative story is much more, taking narrative risks that come across as bizarre, but succeed spectacularly as storytelling elements. As I stated in my review of the game, it’s not a perfect game, but it has changed the way I see certain elements of other narrative games, and that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for an indie title.

Wes Platt is the Writer and Designer at Prologue Games, and once you start talking to him, it becomes clear how much of himself and his own experiences he’s poured into this story and game. We had the chance to talk to Wes about Knee Deep’s forthcoming release on console, the character of the stage and where it came from, as well as some of his own influences and observations as an Indie Developer.



Our thanks to Wes for sharing his story with us, and talking about the narrative decisions that went into Knee Deep.

Stay tuned to IndieHangover, as you’ll be sure to hear more news about the forthcoming console release, as well as the other projects Prologue Games might be working on.

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