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We first met Nik and Nemke Kostic, the two bros of K Bros Games, at PAX East 2015, where they were showing off their very first game, Albert & Otto. The fraternal team have had an incredibly interesting path since then, involving some pretty crappy projects…

…It’s a poop joke…They made Poop In My Soup…I swear, I’m funny.

Now, the team is back, Kickstarting Poop In My Soup 2: Pooping With Friends, which brings multiplayer to the original game’s winning formula. We took this chance to talk with Nik and Nemke about their new game, how things have evolved for them since Albert & Otto, and what originally drew them to the path of Indie game development.



Want to know more about PIMS2? Check out our preview of the campaign, or the game’s Kickstarter Page directly.

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