Interview: Michael Ely of Gametomo

Interview: Michael Ely of Gametomo

I’ve been keeping an eye on mech action game Project Nimbus ever since I played and reviewed Project Nimbus: Code Mirai on PlayStation 4. Recently, Project Nimbus Complete Edition was released worldwide for Nintendo Switch. Featuring an extended single player campaign, a refined survival mode, and a brand new Warfront mode, the complete edition is the best way to experience Project Nimbus. Out of my curiosity for Project Nimbus as well as my growing interest in the mech action genre, I interviewed the Gametomo Director of Business Development, Michael Ely, to discuss inpirations, development difficulties, and the mech action genre in general.

IndieHangover: What games and other media did Project Nimbus take inspiration from both in general and for all the different battle frame designs?

Michael Ely: Mostly Ace Combat and the Gundam series.

IH: Where did the term battle frame come from?

ME: GameCrafterTeam’s vision of the history starts with the “NFrame,” an early general purpose mecha. Then a few years later, another company created the first “Battle Frame” by weaponizing the NFrame. The M1 Guardian was the world’s first Battle Frame!

IH: The complete edition has a new Warfront mode with different types of missions and upgradeable mechs. What inspired you to create and add this new mode?

ME: Project Nimbus is a heavily story based single player game. There is an endless survival mode but we wanted another mode with even more options and replayability, so we added the new WARFRONT mode!

IH: What were some of the biggest challenges during development?

ME: Converting the entire game from a script based language to Unreal Engine 4’s blueprint system was a challenge. After that we moved most of the parts to C++ and endlessly tweaked the game to keep the frame rate up and the playability fun on the different consoles.

IH: What’s one thing in the game you’d like to change, add, or refine if you could?

ME: More depth and variety on the gameplay side

IH: According to an interview on the Gametomo website, there are plans for novels, manga, and anime based on Project Nimbus. Can you tell us any more about this?

ME: This is the dream and vision of the Thailand-based creator, Pawee. We’d love to support him if there is any interest in those items.

IH: The sequel to Project Nimbus, Nimbus Infinity, was announced to be in pre-production just before the western launch of Project Nimbus Complete Edition. What can you tell us about this sequel and what to expect?

ME: For right now we’ll just say it’s in development. Stay tuned for more news on the Nimbus franchise!

IH: Besides Project Nimbus, what mech games would you recommend for those starting to become interested in the genre and why?

We would recommend two classics. For fans of weighty, highly customizable mechs, the Armored Core series is my recommendation. If you are a fan of high-speed mechs, Zone of the Enders would be the go to answer.

Project Nimbus Complete Edition is available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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