Interview: Mark Mayers of Desolus

Interview: Mark Mayers of Desolus

Desolus first caught our eye at PAX East, where we named it one of our favorite Indie Puzzle games. However, it was after PAX that Desolus truly started to impress us.

Mark Mayer is the sole developer behind Desolus, and via Twitter and devlog has been sharing his progress and continued updates regularly. While Desolus is far from release, the quality of work Mark continues to pump out at such an breakneck speed is remarkable.

We pulled him away from his busy schedule to talk with us for a little while about Desolus, where the idea for this surreal cosmic puzzler came from,how he got into indie game development, and even the Shivering Isles.



Our thanks to Mark for taking the time to talk to us about Desolus and his background in game development.

Desolus is currently in development, and you can be sure you’ll hear more from us as more information becomes available and more updates are released.

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