Interview: Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games

Interview: Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games

Aftercharge’s Open Alpha is out tomorrow, bringing with it invisible robots, invincible space warriors and one of the most unique takes on an arena shooter I’ve ever seen.

We had the opportunity to talk with Laurent Mercure of the Chainsawesome Games before this weekends Alpha, and learn a bit more about the man that cam up with the best game pitch I’ve ever heard: “one team is invisible and the other is invincible”. We talk about the game’s inception, how the team has approached the concept of balance in the face of such a unique concept, and the history behind the studio.



Our thanks to Laurent to talking the time to talk with us pre-alpha weeked!

Aftercharge’s Free Open Alpha Test will be live Oct. 13th  at 9:00 AM PST. All you’ve got to do is download this from the Steam Page and get a team of three together to take to the field of battle.

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