Interview: Kevin Porras and Emma Larkins of Dreamsail Games

Interview: Kevin Porras and Emma Larkins of Dreamsail Games

Blade Ballet is a game that quickly whirled its way into our list of the Top Indie Party Games at PAX East 2016. The combination of characterful robots, bright colorful environments and a variety of mechanics secured Blade Ballet as a competitive brawler with a lot of heart.

Plus, STEVe is one of the best robots to exist in modern video games. Period.

With Blade Ballet’s launch fast approaching on August 9th, we reached out to the DreamSail Games team, and were fortunate to be able to talk to Kevin Porras and Emma Larkins about the game’s asymmetric multiplayer, the challenges surrounding agreeing to do online multiplayer so late in development, and what the development process was like at DreamSail.



Our thanks to Kevin and Emma for sharing their insight and stories, and for providing such an entertaining look at the Indie Development.

Blade Ballet will release on August 9th on PC and PS4.

Want to see it in action? We’ll be playing it on this Friday’s Stream!

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