Interview: Justin Pappas of Ape Law

Interview: Justin Pappas of Ape Law

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the grotesque faces of the Grandchildren staring at me. It was my very first Boston Festival of Indie Games, and Albino Lulaby was on display, showing off it’s use of VR, and scaring small children. I still remember its tag line, promising “No Blood. No Gore. No Jumpscares”, and how it intrigued me. I’ll admit, it wasn’t a game I immediately thought had a ton going for it; the strange setting and characters seemed almost too strange, and the horror seemed not quite right. I’m glad I got past this initial trepidation and did experience the game a little less than a year ago, as it is one of the most original indie games out there, and certainly one of, if not the most, original horror title in video games.

With Albino Lullaby‘s one year anniversary having just come and gone, it seemed like a perfect time to reach out to Justin Pappas, the founder and creative director of Ape Law and the man behind Albino Lullaby. We talked about the game’s unique brand of horror, giving control to players, and what it was like on the forefront of VR Development.



Our thanks to Justin for taking the time to talk with us and sharing his background and insight.

We’ll be playing Albino Lullaby this Friday on our Weekly IndieGame Stream, so please drop by our Twitch Channel at 5pm EST.

We’ll have a couple of goodies to give away to those brave enough to join us…

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