Interview: Jon Remedios of Actual Humans

Interview: Jon Remedios of Actual Humans

We first met Jon Remedios at the 2016 PAX East.  His game, Shoot Shoot Mega Pack (hereafter abbreviated SSMP), was one of our picks for our list of Fantastic Indie Party Games that year, full of bright colors, interesting mechanics and wonderful sense of humor, all focused on bring people together and getting them to interact with each other.

SSMP comes out today, and we had the opportunity to interview Jon ahead of the release. In the interview, we talk about the mechanics of SSMP, how they foster player interaction, and some of the ideas that didn’t make the cut to the final version of SSMP. We also talk about the game’s inception, and Jon’s history in the world of independent game development:



Our thanks to Jon for taking the time to tell his story, and share some insight into SSMP’s past in the busy time before release.



SSMP really is a beautiful and chaotic romp to be shared with friends. The game’s premade modes all have an incredibly intriguing mechanic to offer, and are the perfect place to start, but it’s the games random party mode where things shine. Going into a stage with a randomized mix of rules, modifiers and limitations each round means you’ve got to be ready to think on your feet and adjust your strategy.

Sure, one of the players might be a crack shot, but if everyone is synced together, you can focus on thrusting at just the right moment to get him to run into a wall. Other times, knocking players into each other should be your goal. There’s a fantastic amount of variety that keeps the game fresh and intriguing, and keeps you on your toes as you compete.

True, this randomness means that SSMP isn’t always balanced, even if every player is abiding by the same rule. Certain modes and rule sets are more fun than others, but experiencing all the different combination with your friends and finding the most fun sets of rules to introduce new friends to next time is definitely part of the charming allure of SSMP.

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is now available on Steam, Humble, and

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