Interview: Jennifer & Katharine of Nyamyam Games

Interview: Jennifer & Katharine of Nyamyam Games

Astrologaster was one of my favorite finds at this year’s PAX East. In fact, it was one of my favorites before I even got to PAX East. From the moment I started reading the press release announcing the game, I was hooked on the mix of history, humor and a beautiful, pop-up storybook aesthetic that this game promised.

I was overjoyed to have the chance to talk with Jennifer Schneidereit and Katharine Neil of Nyamyam Games, part of the team that have developed Astrologaster. In this IndieDev Interview we discuss the story behind Astrologaster, the hilarious history of Simon Forman, and what drew Jennifer and Katharine to the world of making independent games.


Our thanks to Jennifer and Katherine for taking the time to talk with us and share their stories.

You can read our Review of Astrologaster here.

Astrologaster is available now on iOS and Steam.

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