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Astroneer’s Early Access lands tomorrow, and if you couldn’t tell, we’re excited. Astroneer not only looks and handles beautifully, but is full of an infectious optimism and genuine joy at the idea of exploration.

Before starting your own exploration of a planet in the 25th century, we wanted to offer an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the ideas and decisions that went into making Astroneer. We had the opportunity to interview Jacob Liechty of System Era Softwork, the Lead Designer of Astroneer. We talk specifically about Astroneer’s emerging multiplayer and how it became a focus of the game, the diagetic interface and the challenges it presented, and how Jacob came to be an Indie Developer.



Our thanks to Jacob for taking the time to talk with us during what was undoubtedly the busy pre-Early Access Launch period, and for providing us some insight into the development of Astroneer.

Astroneer can be found on Steam here.

We’ll be playing a ton of Astroneer tomorrow, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Twitch and Youtube Channel for impressions and videos.

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