Interview: Giovanny Beltran on Evil Glitch

Interview: Giovanny Beltran on Evil Glitch

Evil Glitch was a real surprise for me; a game that was small in scope, but incredibly challenging and superbly well crafted.

We had the opportunity to talk with Giovanny Beltran, Evil Glitch‘s Developer. In this interview, we talk about Evil Glitch‘s tiny size, how the aesthetics of the game serve to mechanics, and Giovanny’s experience as an Indie Developer in Bogota, Columbia.



Our thanks to Giovanny for telling us about the development of Evil Gltich and for sharing his story

Read our Review of Evil Glitch here.  Evil Glitch is now available on Steam for $2.99.

You can check out the Juegos Indies YouTube Community Giovanny has helped to build here.

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