Interview: Francisco Gonzalez of Grundislav Game

Interview: Francisco Gonzalez of Grundislav Game

I’m a sucker for a good mystery game, and even more so when it respects me as a player. Too often mystery games don’t hold you to a standard: though the subject matter might be serious, the stakes aren’t all that high, as you can always reload an old save or continue from a checkpoint.

Lamplight City does something very different: it make you have to actually detect while playing as a detective, trusting your intuition and skills of deduction, and letting the game continue even if you convict an innocent suspect and the true criminal goes free.

We had the chance to interview Francisco Gonzalez, the sole developer of Lamplight City, before the game’s release tomorrow. We talk about how Francisco designed the mysteries in the game, its setting, and what drew Francisco to the world of independent video game development:


Our thanks to Francisco for taking the time to talk with us and for sharing his story and insight.

Lamplight City releases tomorrow, September 13th, on Steam. Our full spoiler free review will be out tomorrow, so make sure to come back and give it a read

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