Interview: Eric Peterson of GrappleHook Games

Interview: Eric Peterson of GrappleHook Games

Skorecery has been a fun game to watch grow and develop. I first saw this game of magical dodge ball three years ago at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, and every convention I’ve hit on the East Cost, I’ve kept an eye open for it, eager to squeeze in a couple rounds. Now, Skorecery has finally been released, available today exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

I recently had the chance to talk with Eric Peterson, the co founder of GrappleHook Games and part of the development team behind Skorecery. In this interview, we talk about the game’s concept, it’s evolution  and Eric’s background as a developer.


Our thanks to Eric for taking a little time out during the busy pre-launch period to talk with us about Skorecery.

Skorecery is now available on the PS4 Store.

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