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We were first introduced to The Mind’s Eclipse by Wes Platt of Prologue Games. A gorgeous black & white visual novel casting you as an amnesiac space traveler whose sole memory is the death of your wife. You cannot remember the exact nature of her death, nor how you ended up on the crumbling space station you are now desperately trying to escape, but it is clear something has gone wrong.

We had the opportunity to Interview The Mind’s Eclipse‘s Director, Donald Campbell, and ask him about the development of the game’s eye-catching aesthetic, the challenges that arise in making an engaging visual novel, and what drew him to start making games as an indie developer.



Our thanks to Donald for taking the time to talk with us and share his story.

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Hungry to more of The Mind’s Eclipse? Why not check out our playthrough on the demo?



The Mind’s Eclipse is scheduled for the Summer of 2017 for Mac, PC and Linux

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