Interview: Ditto, Joar & Martin on GoNNER

Interview: Ditto, Joar & Martin on GoNNER

GoNNER was standout game from last year for me, with its quirky aesthetics, bizarre music and sound design, and fantastic gameplay with massive amounts of replayability. It was so weird and wonderful that, even as I played it for the first time i though “Man, I would love to have to opportunity to pick the brains of the folks that made this…”

Well, we did have that opportunity.

We got the chance to interview the entire team behind GoNNER shortly before GDC. This included Mattias Dittrich, better known as Ditto, the game’s Lead Developer and founder of Art in Heart, Joar Renolen, the composer, and Martin Kvale, the game’s sound designer.

In this hilarious interview (seriously, the banter between this team is freaking great), we talked about GoNNER unique style, mechanics and sound design, for which the team won Best Audio at the 2017 IGF. We also talk about how they came together as a team, their background in game design and the secret history of Sally the Space Whale.



Our thanks to Ditto, Joar and Martin for taking the time to talk to us about GoNNER and share a bit of their own story.

GoNNER is available now on Steam, Humble, and GOG.

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