Interview: David Stanley on Skelattack

Interview: David Stanley on Skelattack

I was charmed by Skelattack as soon as I saw it: the bright colors, gorgeous animation and style of the game are evocative of older animation and work fantastically well in a platforming adventure game that turns the typical dungeon delving formula on its head. Additionally, Skelattack was incredibly well polished when it stepped foot into the Steam Greenlight arena, which spoke to the game’s focus and clear direction.

After 20 Days, Skelattack has emerged from the process successfully greenlit, and we were eager to talk to developer David Stanley about the process, his inspirations for Skelattack and his background as a game developer. He was kind enough to sit down with us and do just that:



Our thanks to Dave for sharing his story with us, and for giving us the opportunity to take Skelattack for spin in this early stage of development: it’s not always easy to let critics take a look at unfinished artistic creations.

You can learn more about Skelattack on the Steam Greenlight page.

If you’d like to see Skelattack in action, look no further than our playthrough of the first part of the demo:


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