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It’s no secret that Heliophobia has me excited. From it’s first announcement, to the cryptic images and clues that have been slowly revealed over time ¬†on the game’s website and the the page source information have only kept the gears turning in my head as to what Lynchian machinations are in store with Glass Knuckle’s first foray into horror.

I’ve met Dave Gedarovich before in discussing Defragmented, but hadn’t had a chance until now to pick his brain a bit about Heliophobia too much until now. We sat down with Dave and Henry D’Angelo to talk about the shift in genre for Glass Knuckle, how they are creating horror, and the game’s non-linear storytelling.



Our thanks to Dave and Henry for taking the time to give us a little insight and talk horror games in what is surely the month for horror games.

Heliophobia is still in Alpha, and more information can be found on the game’s website….if you look close enough.

You can be sure you’ll hear more from us as more news emerges.

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